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Binge Drinking

A.M., 22 year old Indian student of a private college, received news that his childhood sweetheart wanted to end their relationship.

In a fit of depression, he bought a bottle of vodka, retreated to his hostel room, and sometime between 8pm to midnight he ingested about two thirds of a bottle (1L) of vodka. His room-mate who was out had spoken to him over the phone at 1130pm and had found him incoherent. When he arrived back to the hostel at 0045am, he found A.M. unconscious, and called for an ambulance.

Points for consideration:


Assuming he started drinking at 1000pm, and his last drink was when he was last known to be conscious, are you able to estimate what his BAC was likely to have been when he was discovered unconscious by his room mate?

A.M. was admitted to the general hospital for observation. Are you able to estimate a likely time when A.M. might begin to recover consciousness?

How serious was A.M.'s intoxication?

This case is discussed here.

An interactive graph to visualize the BAC-time relationship can be viewed here.

The relationship between BAC and cognitive state can be viewed here.

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