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Courses available

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To be announced....

Introduction to Pharmacokinetics

A short working introduction to concepts and applications (~5 hours)

Practical Pharmacokinetics

A working introduction to concepts and applications, plus hands-on problem solving (~10 hours)

Variability in Drug Response

Introduction to concepts and applications of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic principles, with respect to drug response variability. Will cover various aspects of drug metabolism, renal excretion, membrane transporters, ethnicity and pharmacogenetics. (~25 hours)

Toxicokinetics of Alcohol

A short introduction to the basics of ethanol absorption, metablism and elimination, with an emphasis on forensic mathematical extrapolations, (~5 hours)

Toxicokinetics of Opioid Drugs of Abuse, and Methamphetamine

A short introduction to the basic toxicokinetics, metabolism and renal elimination of heroin, codeine and methamphetamine.(~5 hours)

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