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This interactive graph not only allows you to visualize the representative steady-state plasma concentration profiles for a few drug classes, and to randomly generate a fresh set of PK parameters based on the expected variability around the initial estimates for bioavailability, rate of absorption, clearance and volume of distribution, but also allows you to visualize the changes that occur as a result of drug interactions.

1. From the right panel, select the drug class of interest. The representative pharmacokinetic parameters (rate of absorption, bioavailability, clearance and volume of distribution) appropriate to the drug of interest will be pre-set. Clicking the randomization button will generate randomized values around the pre-set meansThe resultant half-life will be displayed displayed. A plasma concentration profile will be automatically generated based on a typical oral multiple dose regimen for that drug class.


2. The bottom left panel allows you to insert one or more interactions affecting bioavailability, clearance and volume of distribution. You can select the # dose at which to introduce each interaction


3. You can adjust the dosage regimen to re-optimize the plasma concentrations.

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