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Mdm Ong was recently started on a course of antidepressants.

Antidepressant X has been shown to be clinically effective when administered twice daily since the average elimination half-life was about 12 hours. The best clinical outcomes were observed with drug concentrations of between 5-10 mg/L. Higher concentrations were associated with increasing cardiovascular risks. Therapeutic drug concentrations were frequently difficult to achieve and maintain because of relatively poor bioavailability of about 50%.

The interactive graph shows a idealized plasma concentration profile of this drug

when given 12 hourly over a 10 day period.


The sliders provided allow you to change the clearance and volume of distribution, as well as the absorption rate constant (Kabs) and bioavailability of the drug.  These are generally regarded as the primary pharmacokinetic parameters of any drug. Take note of how the plasma concentration profiles change.

Consider how the efficacy and safety of this drug may vary between patients.

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