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This is a more advanced version of the previous interactive graph for dosage optimization. This interactive graph not only allows you to visualize the steady-state plasma concentration profile for a pre-selected pharmacokinetic profile, but allows you to randomly generate a fresh set of PK parameters based on the expected variability around the initial estimates for CYP2D6 genotypes (poor, intermediate, extensive and ultra-rapid extensive metabolizers.


The applications for this graph are loosely based upon the expected pharmacokinetics of an antipsychotic drug primarily metabolized by CYP2D6. The clearance values are preset and randomizable within each genotype. The therapeutic window is empirically preset. The default dose is preset as 2mg 2 times a day, but can be adjusted.

1. Select the genotype you wish to explore. You can randomize the patient within each genotype. (You can view a short video on the CYP2D6 genetic polymorphism here.)


2. Amend the dosage regimen as often as you want by adding a new dosage regimen.

Recognise that as you randomly generate a fresh patient, there can be overlap across genotypes. 


Note particularly how long the process of optimization might take as you work towards each steady state.


Consider how you can improve the efficiency of this process.

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