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Mr ACM is a young man who has had idiopathic epilepsy since childhood. Recently he has been having problems with his anti-epileptic medications and his neurologist has decided to review his medications.

He was placed on a new anti-epileptic drug. Since this drug has a half-life of about 12 hours, he was was placed on a twice daily regiment.

Current evidence suggests that to achieve adequate suppression of seizures, the trough concentrations should be above 8 mg/L. However, concentrations above 22 mg/L may be associated with increasing risks of drowsiness, prolongation of QTc, and possible risks of arrhythmias.

Use the interactive graph to view a typical plasma concentration profile of this drug when given 12 hourly over a 10 day period.

Check out how long it may take to reach steady state concentrations.

Now use the sliders to change the clearance and volume of distribution of the drug. Take note of how the plasma concentration profiles change.

Consider how the efficacy and safety of this drug may vary between patients.

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