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This interactive graph allows you to visualize the Efficacy and Toxicity effects produced by a drug relative to the Concentrations generated during an oral multiple dose regimen.

You can begin by administering a single dose at the default dose of 0.5 tablet. Adjust the EC
50 and Hill Coefficient parameters for Efficacy and Toxicity. See how the efficacy and toxicity plots respond.

Administer 10 doses, and see how the effects build up as concentrations reach their steady state.

Administer another 10 doses at a dose of 1 tablet. Repeat with increasing number of tablets per dose. This will essentially be a multiple ascending dose regimen. See how the eficacy and toxicity build up. See how the drug effects are affected by alterations in EC50 and Hill coefficient. Particularly observe how the balance between efficacy and toxicity are affected.

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